About me

Software Engineer with more than eight years of experience in the web development sector, strengthened with a Master in Web Engineering, and almost three years of experience in Cloud Computing deploying services with agile methodologies in the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Regular contributor in open source projects such as OpenStack (Horizon, Keystone, Mistral, Magnum, Murano), The CentOS Project, RDO Project and Fedora Project.

Work experience

Integration Engineer - Nexthink (2016 - Present)

Engineering and development of Nexthink sofware solutions with third parties.

Software Developer - Fedora Project (2015 - Present)

Collaboration as reviewer and maker of official packages (RPMs) for open source Fedora Project. Specialized on Python packages for OpenStack project.

My recent collaborations can be accessed here koji@fedora

Software Developer - OpenStack (2013 - Present)

Collaboration as developer for new features, patches reviewing and bug fixes for open source project OpenStack.

My recent collaboration in this project can be accessed here:

Software Engineer - CERN (2013 - 2016)

Development and deployment of OpenStack Cloud Computing Software and specific cloud services, at CERN IT's Cloud Infrastructure group, and collaboration with upstream community.

  • Deployment of agile infrastructure for OpenStack Dashboard service (Official Web application for OpenStack) at CERN cloud infrastructure.
  • Collaboration with OpenStack upstream community fixing bugs and developing new features and plugins using trending development web frameworks, such as AngularJS and Angular Material, and tools for unit testing, continuous integration and version control.
  • Research, testing and deploying of new OpenStack projects, such as OpenStack Mistral (Workflow as a Service project for OpenStack).
  • Development and document of new REST API applications using agile methodologies.
  • Close collaboration with RedHat, Mirantis and other OpenStack related enterprises to build proper packages for CentOS and Fedora Linux distributions.

Web Developer - Virati (2009 - 2013)

Development of new web applications and frameworks, and improvement in existing ones in order to satisfy customer's needs.

  • Development of enterprise websites and applications, frontend and backend.
  • Design of user interfaces following UX patterns for web and mobile applications.
  • Use of trending web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP5, MySQL), frameworks and libraries (CakePHP, Bootstrap, Jquery).
  • Development of plugins for open source web platforms, such as Wordpress or Joomla!, and REST APIs, such as Twitter and Flickr APIs.
  • Design and implementation of ad-hoc Content Management Systems for major enterprises.

Web Developer - ISASTUR (2008 - 2008)

Programming new features intended for several administrative units in the ISASTUR Intranet, collaborating with different workgroups in order to achieve all requirements.

  • Exchange and collect of requirements from all stakeholders involved.
  • Development and upgrading the Intranet web frontend application.
  • Communication between heterogeneous services using REST and WebDAV protocols.

Web Developer - Mediasur Networks S.L. (2006 - 2008)

Design and deployment of web platforms, frameworks and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for external customers.

  • Development of general purpose web booking application for hotel sector.
  • Analysis, implementation and deployment of SEO strategies on Google Search Engine.
  • Design and development of enterprise websites.

Web Developer - Visualgraf S.L. (2004 - 2006)

Development of websites and applications for external customers and web server management.

  • Development and maintenance of a web directory for enterprises.
  • Websites development for stakeholders.
  • Management and configuration of own Linux based web server cluster.

Latest projects


Find easly the best ski station to go for your ski or snowboarding session.

snapshot snowways.eu

Web application to find the best conditions for the sport of skiing in all its forms, on the European continent. It provides information about open slopes, fortfaits, how to get into the stations, webcams, slopes map and weather.

This project consists in a REST API as backend, implemented in PHP using the framework Flight (An extensible micro-framework for PHP). The frontend, making REST requests to backend, is implemented as a "single page" using AngularJS and Angular Material frameworks.

snapshot previsiondeolas.com


Web Application to display the forecast surf on the coast of Spain and provide a satisfactory measurement for surfing.

The project is based on a CakePHP + MySQL backend. For the frontend HTML5 + CSS3 responsive design.

The graphic design was done by LaPuntu Creative Studio.

In addition, it has developed a proper algorithm to calculate the best conditions for surfing based on tidal conditions.

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snapshot ameteltiempo

aMet El Tiempo

Android application that allows you to view the weather information provided by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) of Spain, in a more visual and easily.

  • Current weather Viewing the Spanish citie
    • Probability of precipitation
    • Snow level
    • Current temperature
  • Three days forescast view

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Other projects

Streaming Dolphin Server Open Source

Project to create a Java streaming server, following the RTP and RTSP RFC's.

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iORM PHP Open Source

It is a layer of software developed in php, to abstract object modeling relational databases independently of the rest of the existing layers in the development where you want to implement.

Very useful, especially when your project follow the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.

This ORM tries to be independent that the framework you are using, if you use one, and also the organization of your code.

This software is developed for PHP versions> = 4.1 is currently in beta development.

Any developer is very welcome!.

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Coronavirus dashboard


  • Python, PHP

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

  • Django, CakePHP, AngularJS, Angular Material

  • Cloud computing, DevOps, Agile infrastructure, Puppet

  • Java, Android


  • MSc Web Engineering

    University of Oviedo (2011 - 2013)

  • BSc Computer Science

    University of Oviedo (2004 - 2011)


  • Spanish: Native
  • English: Professional Profieciency
  • French: Basic